OHM & social media - what could/should we be doing & anyone want to help?

Hi all -

Not sure of what your thoughts are about social media, but it’s definitely a way to spread the word about what we’re up to. And… I’m doing a pretty poor job of it.

So, do any of you have any interest in helping out or spreading the word about OHM when you’re not busy mapping?

Our primary platform of choice is Mastodon, but our followership there is much lower than it was on Twitter. Still building up.

We have some limited, loose guidelines about what to post, but the right person would be able to define strategy and help define our presence through online communications.

So, let us know what you think, how we could improve, and especially - who might be good at helping out!

Kind regards,


Hi Jeff,
I just made a comment on the github issue around start dates that is relevant - Change the default start date in the time slider to something farther back in time! · Issue #647 · OpenHistoricalMap/issues · GitHub

This doesn’t address your question of how/who to spread the word on social media, more to do with why I don’t.

In summary the time slider could be made simpler so as not to scare off casual users, but also, as most social media is done via phones, the usability of the OHM interface is not very friendly on a phone. The time slider control takes up way too much of the screen. I am reluctant to share my work this way because I know it won’t be a great experience.


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