OHM presentations at State of the Map US

@GeoDave5280 (Dave Jenne), @nfgusedautoparts (Richard Welty), @Minh_Nguyen, and I are all delivering presentations at State of the Map US in Salt Lake City.

Here are the State of OpenHistoricalMap slides I presented, along with Minh and Richard. Please take a look through and let us know if you have any thoughts. the tl:dr is we’re trying to be responsive to our user community and participation is awesome (our editors are awesome) and growing… and we still have a long ways to get to where we’d like to be. Much gratitude to everyone here who makes OHM what it is!

I also gave a more personal talk recounting some of the surprising things I learned about the places in my past as I mapped those places in OHM, things I never would’ve learned had I stuck to OSM. It’s an ode to a very different kind of micromapping that nonetheless values the mundane alongside the monumental.

The talk was recorded, but while you wait for the recording to come out, here’s a transcript:

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Finally… here’s the OHM workshop presented at SotM: New to OHM? Mapping America’s Shrinking Glaciers.

It leads you through the sourcing of the data, tagging, selecting start_date and end_date for approximated source data, adding sources, enriching information about the relations, chronology relations, and updating OHM relation IDs in Wikidata.

I didn’t make it through all of this on site, but I hope it’s helpful elsewhere!

(… and, I still have a few more minor edits to make, but it’s ready now)