Kicking off the Holy Roman Empire OHM project (Are you nuts?!? Yes, please join in!)

To me, attempts to map the Holy Roman Empire represent the ultimate mapping jigsaw puzzle, which makes it an irresistible challenge to tackle on OHM.

Maps that do exist - svg, png, and others - are based on inscrutable, unsourced data. Ours will be different… and downloadable. : )


There are innumerable challenges to this project:

  • It’s big - easily over 2,000 relations
  • Sources can be hard to find
  • Learning to let go of any alignment between place types and admin_level: welcome to fuedalism!

The Holy Roman Empire project page is a call for volunteers, and a lightweight organization of how to go about this task.

Please take a look and let me know if you or someone you know or lots of people you know might want to join this effort!

[^map]Map: Mitteleuropa zur Zeit der Staufer; Wikimedia Commons, OHM User:Alphathon.

Cool project, I started adding some borders from the early HRE period (when it wasn’t yet a mess of decentralized states :joy:)


Two question, though - is that your map or the source for your mapping in OHM. In either case, what are the sources for those boundaries?

There’s quite a few plagiarized and unsourced maps floating around the interwebz. If we can add source links to more trustworthy old maps or older sources of information, that would go a long way to making us even more differentiated from other sources of old vector maps on the web.

Yes, I made it with QGIS

You are right! I added the sources of the boundaries in the relation, I hope it’s ok now

Whoa! Nice work!! :open_mouth:

Fantastic! Much appreciated. :saluting_face:

@Frying_Pan - I’m just realizing what you did! You knocked out the entire first source map from the project page… very nice work!


And… on the project page, a coveted status update:

Again, nice work! :sunglasses:

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