How can we make editing in OHM better?

The OHM advisory group has been focused on figuring out how to make the OHM experience better for mappers this year.

With that in mind, we’re curious about your thoughts of how we could make the editing process easier, faster, more fun, etc.

Here are a couple of recent tickets on the same topic to help get the ball rolling. Please let us know what you think and also what else you might be interested in:

  • Make time filtering even easier in iD and JOSM.

Good question. I just failed on my first edititing attempt.
Two railway tracks for different time periods seemed to be glued together. I could not figure out how to cut them apart and enter a new train station for Bergedorf somewhere here.

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Ah, this is a key point - even with time filters, exposed nodes and ways can be part of hidden nodes and relations… we need some help / suggestions on this front. Warnings are good, but how is the user supposed to respond / fix? Maybe a focused reveal of attached ways, etc.?

_but following this video I was able to enter an old train station.

Take away: Tutorial videos are very helpful!!

• Crazy idea: Be able to clone existing OSM buildings and place them into the past.
• Cute idea: Whenever someone erases a building in OSM, offer to donate it to OHM.
• Obvious idea: Provide example to interesting spots. Avoid an empty canvas effect where the user finds herself in the middle of nowhere w/o a clue how to proceed.
• Usability Issue: After an edit session the time cursor shows a different year. Remember and restore the year when the edit button was pressed.

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By the way, this is one common approach to dealing with changes to a linear feature over time, though maybe a better approach is possible:

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Sure, might be. But in this case it is not an always growing linear track. After a couple of years they went back 800m and decided to take a new direction. The original station became obsolete and a new station was build in Bergedorf.
Just for fun: here is a contempoary map & illustraion

I like the idea of having the filter up front without going into a submenu.
Not sure if we need the arrow keys since a keyboard is basically a requirement for editing, but perhaps they are nice if you edit two different decades simultaniously, would need to try it out.
What I would like to see is a toggle to enable/disable the filter so you can still see everything at this location at once, eg. for creating a cronology relation or changing wrong dates instead of accidentially redrawing the feature.

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I was able to move an entire roman stadium with shift arrow keys. Is this documented somewhere?
How long does it take until OHM displays my edits?

Hi @mprove! You should be able to see edits pretty quickly. After our database update a few days ago, I’m seeing changes within 2-3 minutes, maybe faster? Was something not showing up?

For the moving of the entire Roman stadium… was that a good thing or a bad thing? I’m not an iD user, but there are docs and forums where others who can help on general iD questions. For OHM-specific behavior, I’d post in the chat on this forum.

Eventually I was successful. I’ve simply tried every combination of mouse/drag & modifier keys.

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To move a point in iD, you can simply drag it, but for anything larger, you’d typically right-click and choose Move from the menu, or press M. Shift and Shift works for nudging the feature around too. You can see a full list of keyboard shortcuts by pressing ?.