Historical database statistics

I’ve put together a Statistics page on the wiki that tracks some key content and contributor metrics for this project. An except of this page also appears in the main documentation portal.

I’ve been posting monthly updates about these statistics on OSMUS Slack, as a small way to celebrate the progress we’re making together in building a very ambitious project. However, anyone can update these statistics at any time using the provided links.


So it seems like we’ll reach one million dated elements within the next couple of weeks! Very exciting and thank you for putting this together, @Minh_Nguyen!

Congratulations to @ScottyThePilko for uploading the millionth dated element, Hoctor Close, as part of changeset 96,058!


In the past month, we removed 9,284 dated elements and 3,623 buildings but added 5,094 railroad miles. The average age of a dated element fell by 3 years, and the average year shifted 3 years earlier. All this w/ the help of 19 new contributors!

This means we’ve retreated from the 1 million dated element mark, but there’s always some variability to these numbers.

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