Using community project pages

I am mapping Newcastle (Australia) and surrounding areas. When adding feature sources there are 10 or 20 that are frequently used and rather than fully cite them (many are very long) I use an abbreviation, eg ‘Aerials: 1944’ or ‘Brown (2015)’ for a book reference. Assuming, of course, that other users can figure out what this means.

First question, is this valid provided I start a community project page to index the common references. (What do others do?).

Second question, is there a shorthand way of referring to or linking to the community page?

Third question, how do I create a community page? I have an OSM wiki account but cannot see how to create a page.

Thanks, Andrew.

So I found the answer to the third question, for OSM anyway, is it the same process?

maybe this can interest you OpenHistoricalMap/Projects - OpenStreetMap Wiki, you should be able to elaborate on the different sources you use.

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Yes, some of these community project pages are about localities and do indeed list sources. That would be a fine practice, although I still tend to put as much detail in source tags as I can, just in case there’s any potential for confusion. If you do rely on a community project page, then it’s probably a good idea to link that page from the OHM feature somehow, perhaps using source:url.

Also, if you start an OHM community project page about a locality, please make sure the main OSM Wiki page about that locality links to the OHM page. It’s a great way to spread the word about OHM among OSM mappers who may otherwise be unaware that there’s a place for historical mapping, and a good opportunity for the local OSM and OHM contributors to share notes.

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