Poll: What's the best way to prefix geometry-related `source` tags?

e.g., instead of just citing source=* and source:name=* or source:1=* should we use geom:source=* and geom:1:subkeyX=*?

Poll background & details

  • geom - e.g., geom:source:etc:=*, etc.
  • something else - e.g. way, node, or something else (please describe in a reply)
  • nothing - let’s just have convention that a source key with no prefix is a geometry source
  • support multiple - e.g., either geom:source:etc=* or nothing (source:etc=*) should be supported by editors, readers, and processors to mean the same thing
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What I thought about source:*= or object:source:*= last thread is it is a default that applies to everything for the object. So when different sources are beginning to be used for different aspects, this should be specified as geom:source:*= ideally.

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