Poll: favorite georeferencing site / tool?

Georeferencing old maps for tracing and editing their data is a critical piece of the mapping history workflow. Which tools do you use, and what do you like about them? (Post below)

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Topoview- gotta love an old USGS topo map for the level of detail showing old roads, railroads, canals, cemeteries, other points of interest long since dropped off modern era maps,

Also, Wikimedia Commons. Great repositary of maps, with MapWarper integration, makes georeferencing a cinch. Some legwork needed when its a county atlas from the Internet Archive needing to be split up into individual images though.

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I think OldInsuranceMaps is the best interface to work with. I do think Allmaps gives it a run for it’s money in the georeferencing interface, but the lack of a catalog limits its usefulness for me.