OpenHistoricalMap style updates

Style updates!

Hello everyone, in the last month, we have added some style and data updates to the Historical (Main) and Railway styles. Data updates have brought in to the Woodblock and Japanese Scroll map styles as well.


  • Updated style based on user Bauer’s suggestions (add subway tunnel, subway bridge, separate out light rail from main rail and have corresponding tunnel and bridge styling)
  • Also updated other rail stylings with improvements - adjusted spur & yard; adjusted railway abandoned styling and railway “proposed” styling to relate-to main railway styling
  • Adjusted tram, funicular styling and subway, light_rail styling to be in similar “category” of styling (a thinner dashed line). My “Design Category” is “inside/inner city rail-based transit”.
  • Adjusted subway, now shows up sooner in railway style
  • Added rail station icon:

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Historical (Main)

  • Added ferry routes
  • Adjusted when rail stations come in (earlier zoom level)
  • Adjusted canal styling
  • Improved glacier styling


  • Railway usage type attributes. have been updated in vtiles. “Railway usage” is now storage in the usage attribute, rather than how it previous was stored (name=usage-x
  • We have replaced administrative boundary polygons with lines, to help avoid unnecessary overlaps when styling different admin levels. Additionally, we have created new name centroids for admin labels that previously tessellated across a polygon. Read more about this work in this ticket. The lines and centroids data are called land_ohm_lines and land_ohm_centroids in the vtiles. With this data update, we have removed land_ohm from the vtiles.
  • We recommend using land_ohm_centroids alongside place_points to label admin areas (ex: country, state, county). land_ohm_centroids is not duplicating any place_points labels. Future work will gather the points into one data layer.
  • We have also added in Natural Earth water areas for zoom 0-8

Do =proposed and =construction look the same? I can’t tell on my display.

They were previously styled similarly but we can change this!

For mappers, the upshot of these changes is that you no longer need to manually create a place=* node to serve as the label of a boundary relation. You’d only do this for boundaries that represent settlements. This will probably come as a relief to those who are mapping administrative boundaries that changed shape often over the years.

For example, a city would still have a place=city node at the commonly understood city center, and it would can be a label of the city boundary, just as before. But if a state is completely divided into counties, regardless of where people actually live, then you no longer need to map one place=county node at the geographic center of each version of each county boundary.