JOSM wishlist: Anyone know any Java devs with skillz?

Just starting a JOSM wishlist here for OHM JOSM users & seeing if anyone knows anyone with Java skills and a willingness to work with/around svn. And, if anyone out there has already customized JOSM for their personal use, we’d love to hear that, too.

  • Timeslider date filter: to enable editing at a specific date & only see what’s on the map at that date
  • Basic field valdiator: error for no start_date or end_date & non YYYY-MM-DD dates; warns for missing wikidata and source tags.
  • EDTF date field validator: validates start_date:edtf and end_date:edtf just like iD does now

What else?

Labeling relations by start and end date would be swell. JOSM already has a user-configurable option for relation labeling based on arbitrary keys, but I don’t know if it’s discoverable enough for our needs.

For start and end dates missing it can be a simple mapcss validator. I think the YYYY-MM-DD format could be done with mapcss as well. When I get a chance I can try to put something together.


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Here is a quick validator rule for no dates:

Awesome - will check this out today!