Historical society outreach

I would like to reach out to nearby historical societies (SE Michigan). My hope is to both attract new members to OHM. As well as increase the number of map contributed to the TM for importing. Is there a link or set of pages I can send out that will explain what do. Maybe more importantly how we can breathe some life into thier local research.

Yes, please do reach out & thanks for this offer!! :smile:

We need to improve our “OHM & Historical Societies” story and materials, so this could be a great opportunity to work together to make some progress.

I put together a Supercharging Historical Society Projects with Open Source data & OHM presentation for SotM US '23 in Richmond, but never presented it. Maybe we could use that as a starting point for your pitch?

If anyone else is thinking about something like this, please join in the conversation and let’s get our materials in the best possible shape!