Crazy (or, maybe not?) OHM project ideas thread

Let’s start a thread. 1 idea per post. 1st line should be just a description. After that, any details you’d like, but highly optional. Just things you’d like to see depicted in OHM.

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The Travels of Marco Polo

Would be cool:

  1. To see all the places mentioned in this book with the historical place names.
  2. Maybe a route relation of some sort reflecting times of visits, durations of stays, etc.

The Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō

  1. Time-stamped points for the possible / vague location of the paintings.
  2. Links to the paintings in the point.
  3. Mapping of elements shown in the prints.
  4. Mapping of historical paths that could have been traveled to reach the points in the past.

Not such a crazy idea. It parallels the explorer routes proposal.


‘pinning’ historic photos.

A way to locate/identify the position and orientation of historic photos so that the user could see the timeline changes before and after the photo’s view.


Import Geography of the Post dataset

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