Newbie Suggestions

As an avid editor of OSM I’m looking forward to using OHM.
A few quick suggestions, I’m sure to think of more…

  • Satellite Underlay - It would be more than good for the view mode to have a satellite underlay layer much as the editing mode has. As to choice, anything would be better than none :slight_smile:

  • The Date/Range/Animation panel in viewing is muuuch too large. I know it can be shrunk away, but when it’s up it needs to be smaller. Perhaps it can have a compact mode so that it is neater when it’s up.

  • Currently you seem only to be able to view for a particular date, which you can slide between a range. Quite a lot of the time you’ll want objects showing not for some particular date, but for a large date range, because what we know of history is often rather sparse, and often we want a whole view of everything that’s in an area across time all showing together.

  • The animation jumping by 10 years (or more when dragging within a large date range) can also presumably skip items that were present for less than 10 years and didn’t straddle the right animation date boundary?

  • Judging from the forum date, am I right in thinking OHM began in Aug 2023?

Cheers! David


Welcome to OHM, and thanks for the suggestions! A couple quick notes:

Yes, this is a particular problem on mobile devices. Here’s one idea for reorganizing the controls in the time slider; feel free to chime in with more suggestions:

That’s when we launched this forum specifically, after years of relying on a mailing list and channels on OSM’s Slack and Discord servers. The overall project is technically much older. The domain name was purchased in 2009, and the site went live in 2013, but it didn’t really take off until the last few years when we started getting the essential tools in place. For more on the project’s history, see this talk from State of the Map U.S. 2022:

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Howdy, @meteorquake :wave:t2: :cowboy_hat_face:, welcome to OHM!

Thanks for speaking up about these issues. I think some of your observations are known and have been discussed, but not focused on enough (time slider size). Other observations have probably been lurking around people’s brains (showing all data). And, maybe some of your comments we haven’t thought of before as something to address (large animation jumps), but it’s critical to get them out in the open.

I’d encourage others to do the same, so thank you for setting a great example for others to follow! I’ve cc’d our dev team on this thread. Again, welcome & thanks for speaking up! :pray:t2:

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