Event Tagging - Battlefields, Campaigns, Explorer routes

General comments using explorations as an example:
While event:*= prefix may not be needed, there can be some organized formats.

  • event=exploration (illustrative) : Equivalent to route= to explain what this is generally
  • name=Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • official_name=Corps of Discovery Expedition
  • label=Corps of Discovery reaches confluence with the Platte River : I favor using https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Nadjita/Routes#New_tag_label=* instead of *name= for such descriptive object titles, keeping up with the OSM community standard

For simplicity, and an initial (for wip) or basic (for abstracting) level-of-detail, an existing place= point could be reused as a label to represent the approximate location at that time. This is similar to what’s done in boundary= , despite them being different concepts. Secondarily, this can be used as a sorta “spatial index” to help geocode nested rel if they don’t contain geometry directly, which is a common question and confusion in querying them, as recent as today. It helps with rendering directly as well. No need to always perform clustering, or draw artificial areas.
An event can be considered from the functional (the exploration itself), and physical (the on-the-ground trace, eg camps) aspects. The physical features can be related in the type=event https://www.fortwiki.com/Category:Lewis_&_Clark_Camps

been out of discourse for a bit, but checking back in. i like the outline of exploration stuff and will think about how to factor it in.
at SOTM US right now; doing a lightning talk on this stuff after lunch. exploration won’t really be in it, but i have some new thinking about campaigns which are subtly different from battles.

Here’s a query for Mongol Empire-related events and related relations. This isn’t too complex, just modeling the entire sacking of a city as a single event node. (Sorry, cities.) The goal here is to show the progress of the Mongol Empire’s dominion as they laid waste across the planet. On the tail end of this, we should also end up with events for the subjugated kicking the Mongols out.

just made some revisions to the tagging for military related events; i had allowed it to rather out of date. more to come, as i need to codify the variants for campaign movements (which differ a little from battle movements.) OpenHistoricalMap/Tags/Events - OpenStreetMap Wiki